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L'Effet Fujiwara

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The Fujiwara Effect is the interaction between two cyclones, two hurricanes...


This effect, named after Japanese meteorologist Sakuhei Fujiwara, is observed in four phases: the approach, the rotation of the two systems, their coming together and finally a new trajectory for the merged force.


After writing my piece "The Coriolis Effect" for solo saxophone, I wanted to continue my research with a composition that describes rotation with a range based on large intervals increasing in size. For this interaction between two tornadoes, it was without question that the piece be a duet. I chose two instruments with potentially stormy temperaments; the soprano saxophone and the violin. Competing at first with one another, the instruments then launch into a light waltz before merging and continuing on their common path...


This freely autobiographical piece is dedicated to the violinist Laeticia Cellura and was premiered on July 8, 2022 in Benidorm (Spain) as part of the Curso Internacional de Musica.

"L'Effet Fujiwara" is now available, in PDF only !

You can get the score by email for 15 €.

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